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Samsung School at Advanced Education

Samsung and Advanced Education have teamed-up to offer the revolutionary Samsung School solution across Canada.

There are two main components to Samsung School:

  1. Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 Tablet for each student
  2. Samsung School Software

Advanced Education and Samsung are offering a special deal on GALAXY Note 10.1 Tablets that includes a $50 instant rebate and a free Samsung case (a $65 value). This offer is available to Schools, Parents and Students across Canada.

To purchase our special offer on the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 Tablet click here.

Samsung School

Samsung School offers a variety of classroom management tools for teachers and tools to accelerate learning for students, which are easily accessed through WiFi with a single log-in. The Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1’s advanced S-Pen technology and pop-up note features replace the conventional pen and paper, further building out the digital classroom experience on the 10.1-inch screen display. Samsung School delivers three integrated systems that empower teachers to create an interactive and engaging virtual learning environment:

1. Interactive Management Solution – For use during class, the solution allows teachers to easily deliver content to students, share their own or an individual student’s screen with the class, and monitor student progress in real-time. For example, educators can bring up a student’s screen wirelessly on the digital e-Board so the student can show their work in real-time to their peers. Educators can also conduct group activities, tests or instant polls, and then instantly call the class to attention by locking student screens. A key feature is the ability to share screens privately, enabling educators to work 1 : 1 with students in the classroom.

2. Learning Management System – Allows teachers to provide course materials including e-textbooks, learning apps and timetables, as well as delivering school notices and forums for extracurricular activities, which can be accessed by students at any time.

3. Student Information System – Management tool enables teachers to track student attendance, general information, grade history and prizes or demerit points.

To purchase a Samsung School software license please click here

To learn more about Samsung School or to arrange a demo, please contact Advanced Education at 1-855-502-0035 or email us at


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Managing the Teaching Environment

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Riverside Secondary School, BC, Canada:

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To learn more about Samsung School or to arrange a demo, please contact Advanced Education at 1-855-502-0035 or complete the form below. An education technology specialist will be in touch shortly.

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